A company on a mission

We are on a mission to streamline supplier management.
Transform the experience into a more automated, more intelligent and less resource intensive task.
To fulfill our mission, we seek to combine extensive experience with managing suppliers, and developing software solutions – We believe in validated methods and next-gen tech solutions to handle compliance, documents, certificates and risk assesment.

The team behind Clearchain

Knowledge of IT technology/programming and knowledge of methods/practical experience with assessing supply chains are rarely seen connected. But we have done it. The team behind Clear Chain is composed to get the best of both worlds.

Michael Poulsen and Ole Overgård have decades of experience as supply chain consultants assisting small and medium-sized businesses with supplier management, certifications, and especially risk management.

Nicolai Olesen and Mathias Østergaard Madsen are software developers with previous ventures in the web development industry. With several years of experience in runnning their own agency, they have a profound knowledge and insight in building software products for a broad selection of clients.

Michael Tromholt Poulsen Partner
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Ole Overgaard Partner
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Nicolai Olesen Partner
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Mathias Østergaard Madsen Partner
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