Supplier management made easy

Clearchain is your intelligent path to transparent and risk assessed supply chains

Transition supplier management away from spreadsheets, inboxes and drives into one single platform.

A method created from many years of experience

Create a systematic overview of your supply chains based on documented data and risk assessments.

Manage and monitor your supply chain certifications. Facilitate automatic retrieval of renewed certifications from your suppliers.

All supplier critical documents collected in one central place. Sign legally binding documents with digital signatures.

Trace product composition and supply chain dependencies. Keep product certificates and relevant documents organised.

Collaborate around action plans and tasks to improve on identified risks and opportunities.

Cloud based supplier management

Clearchain provides a centralized platform to manage and collaborate with suppliers, improving the efficiency and transparency of supplier relationships.

Certificate renewal

Let your suppliers provide renewed certifications automatically

Clearchain facilitates automatic renewal of your suppliers certifications when they are about to expire - without you lifting a finger.

Contract flow

Sign agreements with your supplier according to the EU eIDAS standard

Keep track of contracts and agreements, as well as expiry, via Clearchain's contract flow. Sign with an EU approved digital signature.

Risk assessments

Smart assessments of your suppliers risk scores

Provisionary risk assessment scores are automatically assigned to your suppliers based on collected data. This means quicker overviews and less work.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional questions beyond those listed below, please feel free to contact our support and sales team. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

    • What is the purpose of Clearchain?

      Clearchain is designed to help companies manage and monitor their suppliers in an efficient way. The software helps streamline processes such as supplier selection, supplier performance evaluation and risk management.

    • Where does Clearchain originate?

      Clearchain is a Danish-owned company. All development is carried out on Danish land.

    • I would like to know more about supplier management

      Clearchain is developed by consultants within the industry. Get in touch with us and we can connect you with right person.

    • Is it possible to integrate Clearchain with external systems?

      Yes, we offer integrations to external systems. Get in touch with us for a dialogue about options and solutions.

    • Where is my data stored?

      All data including documents are stored in European data centers.

    • Is my data safe?

      We ensure redundancy of your data with triple replication data protection and all your data is end-to-end encrypted. And when it comes to the physical security of your cloud documents, we make sure everything is under 24/7 surveillance with RBAC and biometric security measures.

    • Does Clearchain offer an affiliate program?

      At Clearchain we are always interested in partnerships. We offer a partner program for consultants in the industry. Read more when the partner program is launched.

    • Will new features be launched?

      We are actively developing Clearchain every day, adding new features in line with our customers' needs. Do you have a wish? Then write to us :-)

    • Can I pay by invoice?

      We only offer payment by credit card.